All the photographs are clickable for an enlarging in a new window. The name, dimension, technique used and origin of inspiration of the motifs are specified for each patchwork presented.

While waiting for Christmas

Table cover
Machine assembled, Hand quilted



Advent calendar

25 different Christmas motifs, embroidered with cross-stitches on ada fabric, joined together by "Cathedral window" technic
Small bags of delicacies will be withdrawn daily, revealing all the motifs
Hand embroidered motifs from the "ideas of Marianne" magazine
hand assembled



Christmas panel

Squares of ada fabric, embroidered with cross-stitches motifs, framed by assembly work
Machine assembled, hand quilted
motifs from the "Ideas of marianne" magazine



Christmas tree

Machine paper pieced balls
Hand quilted



Christmas bear



Height 60
Hand made
According to a BURDA model



Christmas decorations



Christmas trees

85 cm x 85 cm



The Christmas reindeers

90 cm x 90 cm
Inspiration Debbie Mumm